Marius is a musician captivated by the resources music can offer. He also is an educator who believes students can reach musicality and creativity in a fun, natural, stimulating and relaxing way.

students can reach musicality in a fun and relaxing way


Marius has been formally trained in music at age of 8, starting with classical guitar. He finished his four years of undergraduate in Musicology and Music Education in Geneva, Switzerland. As he studied for his undergraduate degree, he already was performing with his own project and teaching private students as well as small ensembles.

In 2012, Marius came to New York, the capital of jazz, to start new collaborations with musicians from all over the world. He earned his Master’s Degree in Jazz Performance in 2014 at Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College after studying the guitar with music masters such as Miles Okazaki, Jacob Sacks and Ohad Talmor.


music help people develop their personal skills, which translate in a more creative life!

Marius strongly believes music can help people develop their personal skills in many ways, which translates in a more creative, relaxed and emotionally rich but stable life. Through the years he developed his own methodology based on improvisation, listening and composition regardless of stylistic preferences (classical, jazz, pop, rock…). He has taught adults as well as children; private lessons, small ensembles and masterclasses in French or English. He will help you setup goals and find creative and satisfying ways to reach them!

Marius teaches in his private studio in Brooklyn (Prospect Heights) or online through Skype and WeChat. Get in touch to schedule your lesson or inquire about details and pricing.

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