Music, improvisation and artistic research through the guitar have been my main focus for the past 15 years. I moved to New York to learn and be a part of the very rich community of musicians living in the city. I’m extremely happy the music brought me to so many places and am excited about what’s coming up.

Bunker Studio 2014, with Hucq/Duboule Quartet

Bunker Studio 2014, with Hucq/Duboule Quartet. Photo Jeremy Davis.

Marius Duboule

Marius is a Swiss and French guitarist based in New York. In 2009, he is accepted at both the Professional Jazz School of Geneva and the Geneva University, from which he will complete a double bachelor in Musicology and Computer Science for Humanities (2011). In 2014, he graduated from Queens College (New York City) with a master in Jazz Performance.

He then initiated a series of collective groups, notably Hucq/Duboule Quartet with which he records “ilium·id·inlet” in 2014 in New York, followed by a European tour.

After touring China with singer Annie Chen for four month Fall 2016, Marius starts working on ZERO POINT, a quartet of improvised music featuring Deric Dickens, Daniel Carter and Michael Bates, all New York based musicians. Their first album “Thoughts Become Matter” (released on Mole-Tree Music, March 24 2017) is celebrated with a nine days European tour in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Poland and Germany.

The calm and quiet energy of this recording mysteriously seduces the listener without falling in the stereotypes of jazz or contemporary music. A fragile yet edgy poetry, which never leads to any clear resolution, as a continuous questioning on the unpredicatibility of the human being.


High School, Switzerland
AMR/CPM Jazz School, Switzerland
University of Geneva, Switzerland
(Bachelor Musicology / Computer Science)
Queens College, USA
(Master Jazz Performance)


Zero Point – Thoughts Become Matter (2017)
Hucq/Duboule – ilium·id·inlet (2014)
DFLAT – Grey City (2010)
Geneva Sublime Ska Orchestra (2010)
DFLAT (2009)

Recent Musical Projects

Marius Duboule Trio
Marius Duboule Recollections
Hucq/Duboule Quartet
That’s the Band?

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